Supply Sportz Grip Socks

Why should I wear them?

As you can probably tell from that photo, the sole of the Supply Sportz grip sock is unlike any other football sock. Supply Sportz have designed these to ensure absolutely no slippage on the inside of your footwear combined with a high quality sock so you can perform at your best!

Why is grip important?

Every time your sock slips inside your boot, that is wasted energy and as an athlete, you have got to give yourself every advantage possible to succeed in whatever sport you are in. On top of that, when your foot slips the skin rubs against the boot's sock liner & the inside of the sock itself. The

 So how do they work?

The goal for Supply Sportz was to enhance overall grip inside your boot, to try and minimize any movement inside your footwear and give you immediate traction allowing you to twist and turn at top speed. The sole and heel of the grip sock, they feature anti-slip circular-shaped silicone technology that activates a Grip action, the key component to reducing movement inside the boot. What makes our grip socks more unique is that the grip is not just placed on the sole, but also in strategic areas along the heel. This improves grip through lateral and vertical movements, again as your foot twists during movement.

How can you wear them if you play for a team?

Obviously Supply Sportz grip socks aren't part of your team's kit, so how exactly do you go about wearing them during competitive matches for your team. 

Well first of all, you'll need to pick a pair which matches the colour of your team's current socks. They don't have to be an 100% shade match, but wear white with white socks & black with black etc. If you do not adhere to this, you could be pulled up by the referee & told to remove your Grip socks.

Secondly, you are going to have to sacrifice your "regular team socks” by cutting them above the ankle and removing the foot from the sock. Try your best to cut a straight line (PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS WHILE YOU'RE WEARING THEM). 

When all of the above is done, you simply put on your new Supply Sportz grip socks & push your foot through the new hole in your regular socks. This way you gain all the benefits of the Grip socks while also adhering to your team kit (keeping the referee happy). 


You're good to go!

Now that you've got your Grip socks, get out there on the pitch & feel the benefits: better traction, instant grip, increased comfort & no more blisters! No wonder so many professional players and top athletes are wearing them!